Happiness Project#83: The Fruitastic Breakfast Smoothie!




Let’s talk about smoothies. Or milkshakes. Or maybe both. Since starting chemotherapy 4 weeks ago, my taste buds have gone, well, a wee bit wacky. Many of the things that I used to love to indulge in, I simply don’t love anymore. Like coffee and chocolate. I know. Two things that simply don’t taste like coffee, or chocolate anymore. Truly saddening, right? *sigh* I can only hope that next year, one I’ve completed chemotherapy, I’ll finally be able to enjoy both of these Mom “staples” again.

Until then, I’ve developed a list of things that I DO truly still enjoy right now. Mashed Potatoes, White Rice, Buttered Toast, Broccoli, Snap Peas, Peaches, Grapes and best yet, Strawberries! Can I get a hallelujah for strawberries?? Whew. Thanks Be. So to celebrate the list of things that I DO still enjoy indulging in, I’ve been on a smoothie/milkshake making frenzy! Because somehow, this Mama is determined to create the BEST fruity mix!

After a couple of trail & errors, I’m overjoyed to say that I’ve finally got it JUST right! And I truly know so, after my 3-1/2 year old came running up to me in the kitchen, hugging my leg while saying, “You make the best smoothies, Mommy!” Yeah, I nearly crumbled up into a giant puddle of love right then and there. Thanks Be for my greatest fan: my beautiful, sassy, enthusiastic Little Girl. She makes everything better.

Anyhow, back to this smoothie. Or milkshake, since true to any classic milkshake, this does incorporate milk.  You ready for one of the fruitiest breakfast drinks you’ll ever come across? Let’s do this! You’ll need:

2 cups fresh, rinsed and sliced strawberries

1 cup fresh, sliced peaches, either white or yellow, your choice

1/2 cup sliced banana

1-1/2 cup ice cubes

3 scoops vanilla ice cream

1/2 cup whole milk or orange juice

Throw all of those fresh ingredients into a blender, and pulse for 3-5 minutes until each of the ingredients is fully blended.

Spoon out this fruitastic smoothie into 4 of your favorite serving glasses. And serve while it’s cold!

Your tummies, and your mornings will thank you!

Until next time, xoxoxo


  1. A great way of getting fruit into kids for sure! Delicious

  2. Delicious! Not only for breakfast, great any time of the day.

  3. Oooooh this looks amazing!! I love smoothies and yours includes some of my most favorite flavors! Can’t wait to try!!

  4. My sister in law and I swore by strawberry smoothies/milkshakes when pregnant and having morning sickness that lasted much longer than the first trimester. This sounds delicious. And if your 3 1/2 year loves it, that is the true test of if it’s really good. I know when my kids like something I’ve made, it’s must be good.

  5. OMG yum!! I need to add this to my smoothie rotation this week!

    Rachel | http://www.theconfusedmillennial.com

  6. Kyla Matton Osborne says:

    Sounds yummy! I think this would be a great recipe for kids who take ADHD meds too, or older folks who don’t have much appetite.

  7. Oh wow, this sounds sooooo yummy!!! I imagine chemotherapy is very tough on the body, so I’m glad you’re still able to enjoy some things you love!! Thanks so much for sharing ❤

  8. Oh my yummy!!! I need to try adding that to my smoothies.


  9. Yum! So glad to hear you found some things you can still enjoy. My aunt’s getting ready to go through chemo again and I know eating is something that’s a big struggle for her (nothing cold) during chemo.

  10. Great recipe – this looks so fresh and yummy!

  11. Oh this smoothie sounds good. I’d replace the milk for soy and ice cream for dairy free one but great recipe!

  12. CrumbsandGlamour says:

    Your picture taking skills are awesome! And this smoothie looks delicious!!

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