The Stealthy Book Nerd! Review: THE QUEEN OF THE TEARLINGS by Erika Johansen


Oh my word! I ADORE this series! Like you wouldn’t believe! And considering how difficult it is for me to find a new book series that I’m willing to rave about to pretty much everyone I know, my complete adoration of Erika Johansen’s THE QUEEN OF THE TEARLING is a pretty big thing for me. Yes, my friends, after 17 years working in the book industry, I am a total snob when it comes to reveling in truly good literature! Especially when it’s adult lit! Which this series is! I know, I know, who am I for picking up an adult lit series instead of one in my normal genre of Kids Lit?! Bananas! However, I am SO glad that I did so this month! Because this fantasy novel is BRILLIANT! Truly BRILLIANT! And you must (MUST) read this! How many times must I repeat MUST??

Science Fiction/Fantasy has always been my go-to genre. So when one of my bookseller friends recommended this novel to me a few months ago, it fell quietly within my rather lengthly must-read list. Which I actually forgot about until around two weeks ago, while I was prepping for my back surgery (last week). At that point, with how debilitating the back pain was, I was basically immobile. Which meant, in order for me to find a way to gather up my huge stack of must-read novels (to be read during these 6 weeks of recovery), I needed assistance from friends and family who could do what I couldn’t. Drive. Or to be more specific, those who were able and willing to drive to the nearest bookstore to pick up that massive list of novels as well as drop off this huge stash to me. Which was a hard pill for me to swallow, this not being able to browse through a cherished bookstore myself. Sigh.

Anyhow, after one of my closest Mommy friends very lovingly offered to both pick up and drop off this particular novel to me one night, I cuddled down in bed, next to my slumbering Husband and beautiful Toddler and instantly devoured it. Seriously devoured it! In one sitting! Which, for me, as a busy Mom, battling pain every day, speaks volumes. I haven’t fallen so deeply in love with a book enough to stay up throughout an entire night, just to read through the entire book, in well, forever! Forever! But this book, this glorious, tantalizing gem of a series, was so worth it.

Take the massive bestseller, GRACELING by Kristen Cashore and combine it with the classic, LORD OF THE RINGS Trilogy, and then you get Erika Johansen’s, THE QUEEN OF THE TEARLING. From the very first chapter, you’re hooked. By all three of it’s main characters. The storyline, while being both incredibly original and wonderfully intriguing, is so breathlessly fast-paced (right from the get go), that putting this novel down after the 1st chapter is quite honestly, impossible. Trust me. You wouldn’t be able to. It’s kinda like a cup of your favorite flavored coffee in the morning. Can you really not afford to finish what you started? When you’ve been craving it all night long? You can’t. You MUST finish it. Because it’s that yummy. And that powerful of an influence in your daily routine. That’s how this novel is. With tempting bits of magic, conflicting tangles of it’s most influential characters and the perfect amount of tempestuous action, this is THAT Fantasy series that you’ve been looking for, even when you didn’t realize you were actually looking. You will (yes, you will) fall in LOVE with it’s main heroine, Queen Kelsea, and her trusty band of protectors. Kelsea is everything you could ever want in both a fictional queen and young heroine. She will make you want to LIVE in her world. Or, okay, maybe that’s just me. Either way, with Kelsea you get not only one bad ass Queen AND warrior (all by chapter 4) but also a young woman with deep emotions and a realistically good heart.  Which means true like-abilty. Which is not always an easily written feat. Trust me. I know. But in this novel, as well as it’s companion, you will get all of this and more. Yes. more.

So prepare yourself, my readers, to be just as enthralled as I am. And make sure to set aside at least one full night of reading for this. You won’t want to put this down, until it’s very last page. And maybe (just maybe) remind yourself to put that coffee maker on full too. Since you might need an entire night’s worth of coffee as well.

Happy Reading, my friends! See you next month!



  1. byecomparison says:

    I’m not a big sci-fi person but I’m intrigued because of your strong endorsement! Maybe I’ll have to stretch outside my comfort zone and read it 🙂

  2. I’m always on the look out for a new book! Thanks for sharing!

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