The Stealthy Book Nerd! Review: HUNTER by Mercedes Lackey

IMG_6227 (1)One word. Brilliant. Okay, I lied, two words. Brilliant. Epic. That’s what comes to mind after reading Mercedes Lackey’s newest YA trilogy, HUNTER. First of all, the cover. How can anyone pass up this teasing, vibrant cover?? You can’t. So DON’T. Unless escaping into Lackey’s newest realm of Hunters, magic and monsters, doesn’t appeal to you? Sadness.

The best part of all, in this 1st of 3 books? The heroine, Joyeaux and her trio of bad ass magical Hounds. Think Harry Potter’s Hedwig. Except as very, very large wolves. Who are Joy’s most trustworthy of companions. Hounds who only she can control. Or rather, summon and hunt monsters with. Bad. Ass. Can I please have a Hound too?? Please??

The story in itself, is tantalizing enough even without Joy’s hunter Hounds. Because it has ALL of the author’s BEST fantasy elements. A young woman being forced to leave her teacher and home to hunt in a city who treats her more as a celebrity than a real person. Mysterious accidents being covered up by the government to preserve an already teetering  environment of civilian safety. Monsters, who Joy and a dwindling group of fellow Hunters, hunt both outside of and within the city itself. With a teasing flutter of possible romance to boot.

Which adds up to a whole lot of epic, brilliant writing! And a main character who feels so real, with her struggles and internal conflicts, that she nearly walks right off the page to tell you her tale, in flesh and blood, rather than though ink and parchment. Considering that Mercedes Lackey has written over one hundred novels, and that I own nearly all of them, with much delight, I must confess that Joyeaux is now one of my favorite fantasy characters. Which says a lot coming from a bookseller of 17 years.

Anyhow, if fantasy is your thing, then you NEED to read this book! Why? Mercedes Lackey, my friends. Mercedes Lackey.

Happy Reading! xoxo


  1. I have got to be one of the biggest fans of the supernatural, so when I see possible books I can read I immediately pull up the notes app and type it in. Thanks to your intriguing review this book is on the list. Great job! And I must not lie, your photo pulled me right in. Very nice!

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