The Stealthy Book Nerd! Review: FROST by M.P. Kozlowsky


My life has gotten away from me these past few months, hence no new book reviews. And up until a month or so ago, I was hardly reading. Anything. New or favorited. Until a bookstore friend of mine gifted me with THIS intriguing new ARC! With a cover that instantly screamed, “Stop what you’re doing, and READ ME!” Which I did, and was hooked by page 3. I kid you not. Page 3. As soon as you too pick up this STELLAR new YA, which is due out in October of this year, you will totally get it. Trust me.

Why? Because this is one of those remarkably written novels that explode to life, with every page turned. The main character, Frost, will make you cheer, and feel, and think. An unassuming 16 year old girl, who, along with her two companions, one beast, one robot, risks leaving behind everything they’ve ever known to be safe, and true, for the sake of unknown salvation. Through a dystopia world that they had never imagined to be so.

Along the way, alliances are created, and shocking truths are learned, both of which rock Frost to her very core. Yet allow her a glimpse into the realness of mankind, as well as that of one manufactured, that show us, as her readers, how bad ass she really is.

Did I mention a simmering rebellion sparked between the surviving number of humankind versus the story’s ruling army of AI’s? No? Well, now you know.

Happy Reading, friends! xoxo

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