Happiness Project#80: Summer Peach Smoothie!



Summer is officially upon us. Can you tell how excited I am? Yeah, not so much. Menopause, my friends. Menopause is just not fun in 90 degree heat. However, you know what I do LOVE about the summer? Playdates for my Daughter. Because not only are other preschool children out of school, but my Daughter’s 3 loving, amazing cousins are out on summer break too! Which means SO much love! Swimming, splash parks, playgrounds, legos, play-do, games! It’s adventure time!

The hardest part about living where we are, is that my sister, and my 3 nephews, live hours away from our area. Which leaves my Daughter with very few regular playmates. So traveling to hang out with her Auntie Lisa, and her Darren, Jax, and Jarod, is very obviously the best part of the year for her! Something that always brings tears to my eyes. You don’t know love until you see my Baby Girl surrounded by her cousins. It’s truly magical. Without a doubt, my little girl will move mountains with these three boys by her side.

So in anticipation of much cousin adventuring, I wanted to create a smoothie with my family’s favorite summer fruit (well, besides strawberries, that is): peaches! Thanks Be for luscious, juicy summer peaches! Bliss on earth, I say! Here’s to family, and peaches!

2 cups fresh, chopped peaches

3 to 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream

1/2 cup crushed ice

3/4 cup whole milk

pinch of cinnamon

And here’s all you do: throw all of those ingredients into a blender, and blend together for a few minutes until everything is nice & mixed. And serve!

So I’d love to know what your summer plans are? What are you most looking forward to?


  1. Yum! This sounds delicious and perfect for summer. So fun that you get to spend time with family this summer.

  2. This looks amazing. Anything peach is perfection in the Summer.

  3. We bought loads of peaches reduced the other day and we have been enjoying a lot of peach smoothies. They are so refreshing.

  4. CookRook says:

    Lovely summer recipe: quick, easy and delicious!
    No one will refuse such a drink 🙂
    In summer plans are simple, swim in the sea!

  5. Garlic + Zest says:

    Believe me, summer in South Florida is probably worse than summer and menopause! Your Peach smoothie looks and sounds divine!

  6. MMMMMM I love putting peaches in my smoothies! We have doughnut peaches in the store atm which would be perfect for this. Lovely recipe 🙂

  7. This smoothie is beautiful! One in each hand pressed to your face might be good, too! 🙂 Hope you and the little one enjoy your cousin adventuring.

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