Happiness Project#70: Blueberry Cream Cheese Frosting!


Being a Mom, with physical and mental limitations, is rough sometimes. So many of my friends see me as such an easy going, cheerful person, but within myself, I’m much more serious than most know. Particularly when I’m sick. Which seems to be ALL the time. Which isn’t any real surprise. I’ve battled illness since the day I was born, 3 months premature, so I’m not sure why I thought that once I became a Mother, I wouldn’t struggle with constant illness. I must have been a tad delusional.

The hardship with being consistently ill, is that I am NOT a good patient. And can be super hard on myself because of it. More often than not, I rely on my Mom to help me be with my toddler, and it’s still a near daily struggle to be…accepting of this. Accepting that I’m not like the “normal” self sufficient Mother of this generation. That canceling playdates and outings to the playground or bookstore or local zoo, is “my” norm. And that I’m not a failure as a Mom because of it. See? Self-deprecation at it’s worse.

Unfortunately, this past week has been another of my “bad” weeks. And today I wanted to scream out to the Universe how frustrating it is. But I didn’t. And opted instead to pour out these feelings through black words on a keyboard. Because blogging isn’t just about entertainment for me, it’s also about therapy. Therapy through sweet, yummy, drool worthy things. Thanks be for this therapeutic little world of mine. Something that I’ve found that I can always turn to. No matter my good or bad days.

Today’s little bright spot of mine? This lovely, fragrant blueberry cream-cheese frosting! That anyone can whip up and LOVE. Anyone. Trust me.

1 cup fresh blueberries

1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened at room temperature

8oz cream cheese, softened at room temperature

pinch of kosher salt

4 cups sifted powdered sugar

2 to 3 tablespoons heavy whipping cream

Firstly, the blueberries. Rinse and pat dry. Using either a blender or food processor, pulverize the blueberries until smooth and creamy (no lumps). Pour out into a small bowl and set aside.

On a stand (or hand held) mixer, drop the softened butter and cream cheese into the mixing bowl and beat on medium speed, until fully mixed. Drop the mixer down to a slower speed and add in the 4 cups of powdered sugar, one cup at a time. Once fully incorporated, add in the pinch of salt. Bump up the speed to medium and add in the cup of blueberries. Mix until fully incorporated. Lastly, add in up to 3 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream, to create volume.

AND frost! Cookies. Or cupcakes. Or bagels. Or use this fruity frosting as a fruit dip! Because not only does this smell DIVINE but the frosting in and of itself, is kinda (just kinda) pretty too! Right?


  1. This looks so tasty! I bet it would be reallu good on vanilla cupcakes!

    Molly and Stacie

  2. confettiandbliss says:

    Mmmm…this frosting looks so delicious! I love your suggestion about using it on bagels. I can almost taste a fresh, warm Noah’s Bagel buttered up with this delightful blueberry sensation. Thank you for providing this recipe for my ongoing collection. 🙂

  3. that looks so good, I want one! I will have to try and make them… thanks!

  4. Just came across your blog – the recipes look amazing!! Do you ever bake with your little one?

  5. I’m sorry you struggle with illness… it is always way hard for me to stay positive and cheerful when I am feeling like crap so I totally get it! I love how you are spinning it though and finding something to stay positive about. I will have to try this frosting. I am a huge fan of cream cheese frosting but have never attempted mixing in any fruit let alone blueberries. What a pretty color it becomes. I bet it would taste great on some vanilla bean cupcakes 🙂

  6. literally sitting over here salivating over this blueberry yumminess!

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