The Book and a Cuppa Swap is here!


Book nerds unite! It’s time for this year’s FANTASTIC book and cup reader swap! You have no idea how exciting this is to me! It’s been nearly 3-1/2 years since I left the book industry to become a Mom and Pastry Chef and there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t miss the joy and bustle of it! So joining up in this swap, to read new books, as well as meet fellow book nerds? So. Much. Yes.

Want to join in on all of the glorious magic (because reading IS very much like magic)? Visit the official site, here

You know how a seemingly large amount of women have a giddy habit of collecting things like shoes and purses? Well, besides children’s books (500+) and cake stands (which I own over 20 of at this point), I may or may not have discovered a new “habit” to collect. Coffee Mugs! Because who doesn’t love an awesome coffee mug? Or two. Or maybe a dozen. Need some mug-tastic inspiration? Here are just a few on my MUST-HAVE-NOW list:

The Happy! Mug from Pier 1 Imports! Anyone else breaking into a happy dance? I might be.

And this AWESOME Star Trek Mug! To boldly go…

OR this Have Courage Mug! from Etsy. Because courage is contagious.

And this BUT FIRST COFFEE mug, for all the fellow mamas out there. No explanation necessary.

OR maybe this I Turn Coffee Into Cakes!

Because coffee…and cake….and well, ME!

And just because my bookseller friends will always hold a special place in my heart (Lori, Julia, Katie, Sarah, Jen), this is one of the cutest coffee or tea mugs I’ve found for their express enjoyment: The Cat and Mouse Mug!

What are your favorite MUST-HAVE-NOW mugs? I’d love to know!

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