The Stealthy Kitchen Mama Photo-shoot with So Cute Photo!

A couple of months ago, I had come up with the idea of doing a SKM photo-shoot with my (now 16mo) Baby Girl. I wanted to celebrate the inspiration behind first creating my recipe blog, nearly 3 years ago to date.  3 years ago, due to severe pain from Endometriosis, my husband & I had been struggling to become pregnant. And, in ways, this blog, at first, was my way of coping with that struggle. Until, shortly after it’s creation, I miraculously became pregnant. And although my pregnancy was high risk, involving a very traumatic surgery at 4 months along, being so severely sick on a daily basis that I was bed ridden 60% of my entire pregnancy, as well as having pneumonia when I gave birth to my Daughter, I KNEW that she was bound & determined to have her place in this world, no matter how my own body struggled. And take her rightful place, she has. And every day that I am with her, I am a better person because of her. My beautiful, determined, happy-go-lucky, sassy Little Girl. So I did this photo-shoot, to honor the one who captured my heart and saved my soul; My Baby Girl. Without further adieu, it would be my honor to introduce her to you…













This is just one of the many reasons why I LOVE being a Mother to such a happy little spirit! Her contagious curiosity makes everything new and exciting, especially, in the kitchen.

SO MUCH THANKS to the BRILLIANT So Cute Photo! My friend, Brenden, has been taking photos of my Baby Girl since she was first born and I adore, not only all of her work but also her incredibly friendly & open-hearted personality (even more so)! It’s not always an easy thing to find a photographer who shares in your own happiness, as well! Brenden, at So Cute Photo, always knows the perfect way to capture the moment. So much so that when I first received this file of photos, I became teary-eyed over quite a few of these. Thank you, Brenden, for always capturing the heart of my Baby Girl and showing the world the true beauty of Motherhood.


  1. Lisa Cooper says:

    Ahhhhh the pictures are AMAZing sis! Amazing!!!!! My niece is amazing! Love

  2. Colleen – Such sweet photos. I love them. I was wondering how the aprons worked out for the photo shoot of you and your sweet daughter. Thanks for having me make your aprons!

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